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Financial Plumbing
for Markets and Industries
Frictionless, scalable and interoperable software tooling and APIs for markets and industries that automate all technical elements and financial processes with Real-Time Settlement
Automation of transaction processes
In-built compliance
Real-time settlement
What is opt1mize
FinTech that frees the flow of liquidity
Liquidity is the lifeblood of commerce but is prone to blockages and/or leakages. Blockages caused by payment delays are unhealthy and hinder growth and profitability. Leakages due to financial losses are catastrophic and is an increasing trend.
Opt1mize fixes this with frictionless, scalable and interoperable software tooling and APIs for markets and industries that automate all technical elements and financial processes with Real-Time Settlement
Move liquidity anywhere faster, cheaper and with complete visibility
The Changing Landscape
Automation and APIs have been transforming whole industries
Rise of API economy
Data is the new oil
Interconnectivity is expanding
Increasing exposure to losses (fines, fraud & defaults)
Increasing compliance risk and regulatory changes
APIs are the Pipes, Back-End is the Reservoir
Our Telecom Experience
We've been here before
“Wholesale telecom market” has suffered liquidity blockages and leakages to the point of dehydration. Opt1mize delivered a market network platform removing pain points and injecting liquidity into supply chains:
No payment delays or defaults
No disputes; Enforcement via smart contracts
No risk of fraud; Automated interconnectivity
Capital Efficient & Usage Based
Profits Crystalised with Real-Time Settlement
A Proven Platform
Minutes Carried
Since JUN 2019
Transactions Settled
Including Orange
A Happy Community of Telcos
Opt1mize Products
The CommSettle platform follows on from the CoreX BOSS feature set. CommSettle provides a unique trading experience for carriers to trade voice and SMS with real-time settlement when trading within the Medii8 eco-system.
Integrated Bank Accounts in the name of the Carrier
White Label distribution model
All users have access to Medii8 Eco-System including it’s members and service providers
Platformication of a carriers network assets with marketplace trading experience
The CoreX ASR (Advanced Smart Routing) module like the humble ant, individually performs simple and effective duties, whilst collectively in a swarm, displays powerful intelligence.
Seamless user experience from any BSS/OSS combined with multiple technology platforms.
Ability to program pre-determined policies.
Evolving artificial neural network allows for automation of human processes.
ASR can enforce hundreds of thousands of sessions per second on a small Xeon E3 server.
Discovers the shortest path between origination and termination..
“In-memory processing”, allows for hyper-speed decision-making processes.
The CoreX BOSS module is a white-labeled BSS/OSS that offers powerful integration, management, application and control of technology platforms featuring Flexibility, Scalability, Provisioning and Data Rating.
CoreX BOSS offers real time reporting, alerting, business intelligence and analytics allowing users to make informed and responsive decisions. With the ability to automate management of thousands of customers and vendors making efficient use of labor resources
Rate Management
Vendor Management & Testing
Revenue Assurance
Finance Module
Smart Trading
C2Dapp is a subscriber management platform that integrates any open Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) to the CSPs software and devices.
Power To Transform Your Network
C2Dapp provides users with the ability to:
Automate and Monitor Marketing Campaigns (Email/SMS/Web/Social/Phone)
Build Promotional campaigns on Global or partitioned/homogenous data
Account manage individual or groups of subscribers
Integrates with CSP network assets
Integrates with CommSettle or any open payment platform
Extended Integration into accounting/finance/business intelligence platforms already deployed
Marketing Analytics
C2Dapp monitors the flow of information involved with subscriber-based functions in a CSPs network. The analytics monitored allow users to track interactions of potential or existing subscribers with the services deployed.
Channel Innovation
Any CSP looking to engage new distribution channels by maximizing existing or new network assets will benefit from the efficient delivery of analytics to existing software deployments. In addition, a CSP can provide its resellers with the intelligence to innovate and scale revenues without exposing the CSP network.
Medii8 delivers banking infrastructure via simple, powerful and scalables APIs for software platform providers.
Digitized Payment Flow In Real Time
Our technology validates every transaction and assures e-payment with real-time settlement, allowing automation and regulation of the financial transactions executed by users of your software. We unbundle the complexities of banking and regulation so you can deliver sticky financial services to your users, with minimal investment of capital, time and resources.
Highly Customizable & Compatible
Banking infrastructure at the tip of your fingertips with a few lines of code. APIs to develop the features needed by your users, without compromise. Bank Accounts, Debit Cards, Multiple Currencies, Foreign Exchange, Liquidity, Insurance and more, All-in-one place.
A Marketplace With Endless Possibilities
Medii8 enables the CSP to become a marketplace by creating an ecosystem for stakeholders, partners, integrators, customers or even consumers to meet, negotiate, execute and support safe trading by leveraging the CSPs network based assets.
The Opt1mize Mission
Real-Time Settlement
Revenue Assurance
Fraud Mitigation
Capital Efficiency
Transforming Commerce
Extracting Value From Data
Engineering Better Financial Outcomes
Global Coverage
The Road Ahead
New Verticals, Industries and Markets
Same Pain Points
Crypto Currencies
Decentralised Finance, Interoperability
Banking & Financial Services
Fraud, Compliance & Settlement
Market Networks
Wholesale, Retail, Carbon Credits
Programmatic, Data
The Team
Abdelkader Allam
Executive Director / CTO
Bulent Tuncel
Sales/Ops Director
Laura Hanna
Jean Michel Hiver
Software Engineering Manager
Waqas Qamar
Front End Developer
Jayesh Kumar
Tech Support Manager
Full Stack Developer