“The first 90% of code development accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code development accounts for the other 90% of the development time.”
We have already built “90%” of your project, so the remaining “10%” can be opt1mized to your needs.
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Opt1mize is a “Channel-Focused” software house dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients, our clients markets as well as the markets we serve.
About Opt1mize
Our Products
Who We Are
About Opt1mize
Since inception Opt1mize has focused its time and energy by engineering applications that tackle challenges and pain points for Communication Service Providers (“CSPs”).

Opt1mize acknowledges that CSPs are often comfortable with their trusted network of vendors for software and devices. Hence we build stable and scalable applications for our Channel Partners to deploy for their CSP customers.

Our Products
Who We Are
Opt1mize was founded by proud geeks of the communications industry, with a penchant for beautiful code and adoption of innovation within the communications marketplace.
Management Team
Orlando Taddeo
Investor, CEO
Orlando is an energetic and results driven leader who invested into Opt1mize at the Start-Up stage.

Orlando is the founder and CEO of Limecom Inc, a telecom operator with $140m annual revenues that was recently acquired by public company, Next Group Holdings (OTC-QB: NXGH), to which Orlando is a member of the Board of Directors.

In addition, Orlando founded Heritage Ventures Ireland, a Dublin based Venture Capital fund investing into Start-Up and Growth stage companies.
Engineering Team
Abdelkader Allam ("Kader")
Founder, CTO
Kader is a disruptive developer of telecommunications technologies, having developed each of Opt1mizes platforms, its service delivery, ongoing management and monitoring.

Educated in Telecommunications Engineering and Management (at the Institut National des Telecommunications, Telecom SudParis – France), Kader holds a deep technical understanding, experience and knowledge on the main aspects of Networking, Telecommunication, Web, Security and Software Engineering. Kader advocates Lean Software Development and appreciates beautiful but efficient code with an aptitude to adopting new programming languages.
Operations Team
Kashaf Bashir ("Kash")
Founder, COO
Kash is a “Social Networker” and “Fanatical Prospector” with close relationships at Executive level with Tier 1 Carriers and Mobile Operators in the communications industry. Kash in previous roles has built telecommunications networks that carried millions of minutes each day with the highest possible Quality of Service. Kash also introduced hundreds of carrier interconnects to his previous company. Coupled with relationships for distributing Telecom products in Europe, Kash has experience of the end-to-end sales cycle from consumer to carrier.

With years of finance and modeling experience gained in the Actuarial profession, Kash has a deep understanding of the finance and funding eco-system combined with the importance of analytics, which successful CSPs require to remain innovative, competitive and ultimately profitable.
The CoreX ASR (Advanced Smart Routing) module like the humble ant, individually performs simple and effective duties, whilst collectively in a swarm, displays powerful intelligence.
ASR will integrate and communicate with multiple platforms allowing for a seamless user experience from any BSS/OSS combined with multiple technology platforms.
With the ability to program pre-determined policies, ASR will know how to enforce such policies on the technology platforms in play. This gives users un-paralleled perception of the networks in control, allowing accurate reasoning and judgment on processes to follow.
Problem Solving
ASR’s ever evolving artificial neural network allows for automation of human processes, such that the technology platforms in play are pro-actively managing network traffic.
Collectively, a colony of ants will perform a colony of tasks, similar to the ASR that can enforce hundreds of thousands of sessions per second. The ant has the biggest brain of all insects, can lift 20 times its own body weight and possesses the processing power of an Apple Mac II. The ASR will perform all of its duties quite simply on a small Xeon E3 server.
The ASR engine is as powerful as a colony of ants, as it will discover the shortest path between origination and termination.
ASR’s “in-memory processing”, allows for hyper-speed decision-making processes.
The CoreX BOSS module is a white-labeled BSS/OSS that offers powerful integration, management, application and control of technology platforms featuring:
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Provisioning
  • Data Rating
Intuitive and Highly Accessible Interface
Powerful Reporting & Analysis
CoreX BOSS offers real time reporting, alerting, business intelligence and analytics allowing users to make informed and responsive decisions. With the ability to automate management of thousands of customers and vendors making efficient use of labor resources:
CoreX BOSS provides each individual user with the freedom to focus on relationships, sales, entrepreneurship rather than administration and tasks pertaining to customer/vendor management without global intervention or interruption.
Medii8 is a secure payment platform for software and device vendors whose market is solutions for communication service providers (“CSPs”).
Digitized Payment Flow in Real Time
Medii8 is API based, providing the ability to digitize the payment flow of any CSP, integrated directly into a CSPs device and software deployments. Thus enabling payment flows to be executed in real time, in multiple currencies, mapped to any product or service on a CSPs network.
Highly Customizable & Compatible
The Medii8 API can be extended with integration into accounting, finance and business intelligence systems to create real time payment analytics, for flexibility in negotiation, enforcement and execution of payment flows for network based assets. CSPs can benefit from the real time synergy of technical and financial operations so that a CSPs sales operation is free to innovate within the business rules set by both finance and technical operations.
A Marketplace With Endless Possibilities
Medii8 enables the CSP to become a marketplace by creating an ecosystem for stakeholders, partners, integrators, customers or even consumers to meet, negotiate, execute and support safe trading by leveraging the CSPs network based assets.
The CommSettle platform follows on from the CoreX BOSS feature set.
CommSettle provides a unique trading experience for carriers to trade voice and SMS with real-time settlement when trading within the Medii8 eco-system
C2Dapp is a subscriber management platform that integrates any open Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) to the CSPs software and devices.
Marketing Analytics
C2Dapp monitors the flow of information involved with subscriber-based functions in a CSPs network. The analytics monitored allow users to track interactions of potential or existing subscribers with the services deployed.
Channel Innovation
Any CSP looking to engage new distribution channels by maximizing existing or new network assets will benefit from the efficient delivery of analytics to existing software deployments. In addition, a CSP can provide its resellers with the intelligence to innovate and scale revenues without exposing the CSP network.
Power to Transform Your Network
C2Dapp provides users with the ability to:
  • Automate and Monitor Marketing Campaigns (Email/SMS/Web/Social/Phone)
  • Build Promotional campaigns on Global or partitioned/homogenous data
  • Account manage individual or groups of subscribers
  • Integrates with CSP network assets
  • Integrates with CommSettle or any open payment platform
  • Extended Integration into accounting/finance/business intelligence platforms already deployed
We’re hiring. The Opt1mize family is Opt1mizes most valuable asset. If you’re up for the challenge of writing beautiful code that will disrupt the communications industry, fill your details and we’ll be in touch
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